Supply and support, repairs, upgrades and general maintenance. Includes physical and virtual server supply and hosting.


Small and large scale networks. Planning, setup, installation and maintenance of both wired and wireless networks.


Small and large scale backups. Planning, setup and maintenance of backups, which include from CD/DVD, external Hard Drive backups, to off-site & cloud backups. We also offer data recovery solutions.

Corporate Branding

We take care of all your branding and multimedia needs. From Logo's to colors to business cards and more.

Some of Our Services that we offer to you. 🙂


We will supply, install and maintain the best solution for you, whether you require cameras for you home or a large business.

Web Design

We build websites according to your needs and budget. We have an in-depth meeting with to establish your needs.

Hardware & Software

Supply, repairs and support of all computer equipment, including but not limited to; Desktop PC's, Laptops, Monitors, Printers (including slip printers), peripherals, UPS systems and many more.

Internet Solutions

We provide various Internet solutions to our customers that are catered to their individual needs,

Some of the Industries we work with:

Retail Sector
Industrial Sector
Transport Sector
Gambling Sector