We Do IT,
So You Don't Have To!


We take care of all your networking needs from small offices to multi-level offices.


We do all kinds of general and intricate repairs on computers and electronics.


We sell all kinds of hardware and software customised to your needs.

Backup Solutions

We offer full backup solutions both onsite as well as offsite.

How can we service you? 🙂

Server Setup

We can supply and install servers to adequately support your needs.

Maintenance Plans

We offer monthly maintenance contracts catered to your requirements.


We supply, install, support & maintain your CCTV for home or office.

General Service

We offer a general service to speed up and clean your PC/Laptop.

Why Choose Us

We believe in putting our customers first. We know that each customer has their own unique needs and will do everything we can to support those needs.

Fast Turn Around

We take pride in our work and know how important it is to get your task done.

Highly Qualified Staff

Our staff take pride in what they do. They have over 30 years combined experience.

Clean & Proffesional

Our Staff work clean and professional and will leave your job looking neat and tidy.

Reliable and Honest

We believe in leaving our customers completely satisfied and happy with our work.

What's Our Clients Say

Want to know exactly what we do? Hear it from our Customers.


David Louw has always presented himself in a professional manner and we would like to make specific mention to his availability in any emergency situation, 24 hours a day.


David Louw / GRAB IT has been a valuable and integral part of our BNI Chapter, upholding the BNI code of ethics, including excellence in work performance, honesty and integrity in work. David Louw is well liked by his fellow members owing to his friendly, caring and helpful personality. David Louw has always shown exceptional time keeping, never missing a meeting and always making punctuality his top priority.


David has always presented himself in a professional manner and his service and knowledge are impeccable. David is an integral part of our business and he understands and meets all our IT needs.


David is diligent and meticulous with his IT work as well as being extremely successful at troubleshooting and problem solving. David and I have had a long standing relationship of ten years and David has always had a positive outlook, friendly mannerism and courteous attitude towards his work and our working relationship.

Some Basic Troubleshooting

Is your PC slow, or not turning on? Want to see what you can try before calling us?

A very common issue, hard drive space, corruption and fragmentation can cause slowdowns. Viruses, Malware and crypto miners are other methods that aren’t as apparent. Updates and Drivers are maintenance items that are usually left to the end user and that normally means it doesn’t get done. Hardware can be upgraded to meet your expectations.

Look for the obvious, Check for cable connection at all ends, check for lights that are on/off or a different color. If using WiFi then disconnect and reconnect the connection. Restart the router / modem. If after all this you still aren’t able to connect, Phone your ISP and ask them to check your status.

Viruses are never fun to get and so easy to get infected by. If you suspect you have a virus here are some basic steps.

  1. Do you have an antivirus installed? If not there are many free ones out there.
  2. If you already have an antivirus, go to your antivirus and run a scan. If a threat is detected, remove it and run the scan again until all clear.
  3. If it still does not find something and you still feel there is one or the device is acting strange, bring it to us and we can do a full comprehensive scan of the device.