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We provide IT solutions built around your personal or company requirements. Less fuss, more resolve.



We provide several build options for Company Servers of ALL levels. Physical and Virtual servers are available. Read More…


We provide hardware precise to your personal or corporate requirement. All PC’s are built to spec. Read More…


We sell and provide several Software ranges, from Microsoft Products to unique database design and Software. Read More…


We are a VOX Telecom Business Partner. Contact us for all your VOX Telecom product requirements. Read More…
GRAB IT … prides itself with service delivery in the IT field as we provide our clients with efficient service and minimal turn around time on all call outs, repairs and purchases. Our core business focuses on the supply and support of servers, networks and IT hardware and software, however, GRAB IT is also moving itself forward and concentrating on IT projects and network setups on a larger scale, such as call centre environments, multi-floor office blocks and school computer room setups. We are constantly trying to better our service delivery to you. Please feel free to browse through our website by clicking on the links above.
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